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Other Japanese Taste​ 


Wow Japanese taste is so amazing!

Teriyaki Don $11

An all time classic! A hearty portion of Chicken teriyaki on a bed of lettuce,served overrice, sprinkled with sesame seeds.



For the true sushi connoisseuSashimi-style slices of Tuna, Salmon and Prawn served over a bed of sushi rice.



Japanese popular noodle “Udon”served with, prawn templa, templa flake, soy saurce base broth.

It’s healthy and tasty.



A popular Japanese snack! Tasty dough dumpling cookedinto a round ball with friedoctopus, served with special sauce and mayonnaise, topped with aonori (flaked-seaweed) and bonito flakes.



Lightly salted Japanese soybeans that are “popped”out with your fingers.Edamame is a great snack or a perfect complement to your meal. Remember you only eat the beans inside!

Miso Soup



Japanese soup made from miso (soy bean) paste, with tofu, seaweed and green onions. Fresh vacuum sealed soup provides the aroma and flavor experience of fresh.

Seaweed Salad


Japanese healthy seaweed salad.

Lettuce, carrot, and seaweed with sesami.



Japanese style steamed pork dumpling.


Spicy Cucumber


Fresh cucumber with special spicy sauce.


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