Nigiri & Hoso-Maki Roll



Nigiri sushi

4 pieces roll per order

Tuna Nigiri

For the tuna aficionado! 4 pieces of fresh sliced tuna, sashimi-style on rice.

$ 9

Salmon Nigiri

For the salmon lover! 4 pieces of fresh sliced Atlantic Salmon sashimi-style on rice.

$ 9

Arctic Char Nigiri

For the true northerner! 4 pieces of fresh sliced Northern Arctic Char, sashimi style on rice.

$ 12

Toro Nigiri

For the ultimate Tuna Connoisseur! Tuna belly the richest part of tuna, slicedand served on sushi rice.

$ 12

Ebi Nigiri

For the Prawn lover. 4 pieces of cooked-ebi Japanese prawn sushi

$ 11

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Hoso-maki Roll

6 pieces of "Hoso-maki roll" plus 1 piece of nigiri (only Tura, Salmon and Arctic Char Rolll )

Tuna Roll

For the Tuna Lover! 6 piecesof fresh rolled tuna “hoso-maki”. Complemented with 1 piece of tunanigiri-sliced tuna on rice.

$ 8

Salmon Roll

For the Salmon enthusiast! 6 pieces of fresh rolled salmon “hoso-maki” along with 1 piece of salmon nigiri sliced salmon on rice

$ 8

Arctic Char Roll

Sushi with a northern twist 6 pieces of fresh rolle Northern Arctic Char “hoso-maki” with 1 piece of Arctic Char nigiri.

$ 10

Cucumber Roll

Simple and Tasty! 6 pieces of fresh rolled cucumber “hoso maki” style.

$ 6

Egg Roll

A Japanese Classic! 6 pieces of sweet flavoured egg omlette rolled hoso-maki style.

$ 6

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